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Retaining Wall Contractors Fort Worth

We offer the highest quality of services for all your block wall services needs – flatwork installations, embankments, and repair. We service both residential and commercial clients. We have been in this industry for many years now, and thus, we deliver well-organized and competent retaining walls services in Fort Worth, Texas.

We take care of our clients from the moment they call us to inquire about our services. We provide free estimates and honest quotations for all types of block wall service needs. If you are a homeowner or a business owner who wishes to get the finest services in retaining wall installation and repair, contact us now. You are a dial away from getting a licensed and professional team in Fort Worth, Texas.

Retaining Walls Fort Worth TX

We are your local company that offers all types of block walls services. Commercial and residential works for wall embankment services are broad. From customized masonry works to your home’s entryway, from installation works on your new driveway to your garage slab works, from designing your patios to all other related services, your most trusted company in Fort Worth, Texas got you covered. All our services are done by professional and licensed experts in retaining wall works. That is how we guarantee the quality of our workmanship. We make sure that we give our residential and commercial clients the best quality services that they deserve.

Retaining Wall Builders Fort Worth

The Best Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee the best quality in block wall works by assuring our clients that all our services are done by a professional and fully licensed team in Fort Worth, TX. We only use the proper equipment for any works related to the installation and repairs of block walls. We give our clients peace of mind by assuring them that we deliver the best quality of services promptly. That is how we leave our customers 100% satisfied.

The Highest Standards
in Workmanship

Retaining walls Fort Worth works according to the highest standards in the retaining wall service industry. Thus, we give our clients the most cost-effective option without compromising the quality of our projects. Our foundation as a company is rooted in the value of quality workmanship at reasonable prices. We deliver our services with customer safety and satisfaction in mind. Reach us today and see for yourself.

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When we say we are the leading and most trusted company for all types of block wall services, we mean we have a steadfast reputation for our works. We have service in all the areas we cover with the highest quality for many years. That is why we have built good business relationships with our residential and commercial clients, and we are assured that we leave them highly satisfied to hear great reviews about how we work.


Since we are a team of professional and licensed experts in retaining wall works, you are assured that we keep up with the latest industry developments.

We guarantee efficient, safe, and modern solutions according to the latest industry guidelines.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Block Wall Repair in TX

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of works in block wall contractors. At Fort Worth Block Walls, we provide customer satisfaction and offer upfront and reasonable costs that work within your budget. We do not look at our works as small or big. We only guarantee the best quality regardless of project size.

Natural Stone

Stone Block

Concrete Block



Sheet Piling


Retaining Walls have essential roles in taking care of your lawns. They serve as solid and safe borders for your landscape. Call us to get a professional and licensed expert to serve you today.

Natural Stone

Natural stones, as embankments, is a great material in terms of rain flow management as it helps prevent excessive flooding, and in normal conditions, controls moisture on the dirt. Natural stones also easily add beauty by being a versatile material that blends well with the natural theme of your landscape. They can accentuate your patios, lawns, seating areas, and flowerbeds.

Stone Block

If you want to have a great variety of options to achieve the theme or design for your landscape, natural stone is one of the most popular building materials we recommend for you. It simply blends well with any type of design you desire to have that suits your preference and existing layout.


This is one of the most preferred materials for holding walls as it melds durability and beauty perfectly. Brick holding walls are cost-effective, too. Providers can easily obtain brick materials that is why they are priced lesser than the other types of materials.

Concrete Block

The reason why concrete walls are very popular among residential and commercial customers is that it is one of the strongest materials in the market. Adding to its durability is the modern beauty it gives to your retaining walls.


If you want to achieve a rustic look for your block walls, wood materials will be a good fit. Unlike the other types, wood walls are not common materials for supporting walls, however, they are preferred due to versatility and beauty. They can work well into designs that use other materials like natural stones.


Cantilever retaining walls feature a base landscape structure fastened to an item arrangement that will use an “L” shaped construction. This type of material relies on build-up concrete with a customized base slab and a thin stem.  It prevents any heavy load of soil to fall over the masonry works. Its backfill portion enhances durability and resists turning over. Cantilever wall blocks require low and easy maintenance, however, they are also complex to design and install because these materials are strong.


Secured retaining walls are directly tied up into the structure behind them, and are attached using a cord or strip. This type of material is best for implementations that involve streamlined and slender walls.

Sheet Piling

A sheet piling is ideal for lawns that have space constraints. Block walls made from sheet pilings drive slim wall planes directly into the dust or an incline. This material is typically used for soft dirt areas, and with a wall plane that has a ridged surface to strengthen its holding properties.


Walls that are gravity-type rely on the mass of materials used to resist pressure from the backend of the lawn and help in preserving the arrangement of the soil. The concept in using this material is simple as it bends to the rear towards the soil it’s supposed to preserve. This, however, will require proper designing and planning in terms of time and implementation of works.

How to get professional block walls services from the experts. We make it easy for you!

Step 1: Proposal Presentation

Our experienced service representative will contact you promptly to explain essential project details according to your needs and budget. We either discuss via phone or through an on-site consultation to provide a walkthrough of the proposal. We provide assessments and sound suggestions that work for our customers. We set and address your expectations to deliver customer satisfaction and value for your money. During this presentation, we make sure that you understand all the important terms and conditions of the type of service that we are proposing. This way you are assured that there are no hidden charges, surprise costs, and unanticipated project delays. Our core value is not only about the high quality of service but also of honesty and transparency in all related works.

Step 2: Rendering Professional Services

Upon the customer’s approval of the quotation, a professional and licensed team will be deployed on-site according to schedule. We guarantee the best customer experience by adhering to the terms of the proposal. We send out our team to do the work as scheduled and with minimal to no disruption. This is our way to fit our customer’s time and at the same time, to enable our team to work promptly. Our team is trained to work under less supervision but it is ideal if you will be there to oversee how the project progresses.

Step 3: High-Quality Workmanship You Deserve

We always leave our customers satisfied. We define a completed project not only by completing the scope of work but also by ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the quality of workmanship that we rendered. Our services do not end at project completion. We also provide after-sales services. Our lines remain open should there be future issues on the project. We also make sure that our clients understand the possible structure issues expected in the long run. This is our way of giving our customers the peace of mind that they deserve and pay for. Contact us today if you are looking for a highly professional and licensed wall block contractor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a supporting wall necessary?

The primary purpose of a supporting wall is to resist washing away the soil. There are a wide variety of materials to choose from to build an elevation on one side of your house or garage. A supporting wall is necessary chiefly to prevent flooding and mold formation, among others. With appropriate embankments and quality materials, installing a wall block to your home adds value to your property while protecting your dwelling place. It is, however, recommended that you hire the service of a professional contractor as a supporting wall project, like any other structure, which can pose risks if not designed and built properly.

What is the lifespan of a retaining wall?

Retaining walls Fort WorthTypically, a retaining wall generally has a lifespan of 50 to 100 years. The durability and strength, however, depends on a few factors – the groundwater conditions of your site, the quality of soil in your area, and the type of material used. Residential and commercial lawns consider installing retaining walls on their properties as important structures mainly to prevent soil from eroding. With our long years of experience in this industry, we have worked on projects made from an assortment of materials. As observed, it is highly recommended to use concrete blocks over natural rocks as these are easily maintained and embody modern designs. Concrete block walls are highly preferred by most customers, homeowners, and business owners alike, because of their durability and strength that can last longer than other materials.

What are the important factors to consider when deciding on a retaining wall?

Can my retaining wall redirect the water flow? Is it capable of preventing the soil from eroding? Is the masonry work done properly to make it strong enough to hold all the structure? What are the suitable material options available to suit my preference and budget? These are some important points that you should ask your contractor when deciding to build a retaining wall for your business or home. These factors look into the foundation and functions, and how these structures will be built to achieve those. Thus, it is crucial to hire the service of professionals.

Are supporting walls easy to maintain?

Cut-off walls can be made of different materials such as cement and stones. These are typically used to prevent dirt and soil erosion. Supporting walls are also designed variedly – mostly vertical, some are slanted, and others are curved. Depending on climate conditions and soil quality, soil can be washed away or eroded through natural processes like heavy rain.  The risks and dangers when the soil gets eroded are chiefly the reason why supporting walls are typically found on a hillside, lakeside properties, and many other places prone to soil erosion. A well-maintained wall block can generally last 50-100 years. And to achieve that lifespan, there are basic maintenance methods to keep your wall blocks lasting and durable over time. The first and most important is to do a regular inspection of the walls. This is crucial because it is only when you do a regular check that you can detect any issues before they can harm. Stuck debris inside any drainage pipe can hamper the water run-off ability of your walls. debris should be removed as soon as discovered. Filling in eroded areas and replanting the dead spots are important in preserving the integrity of the soil. Maintaining your retaining walls is also made easy if you hire professionals to do it for you. With professional help, they are trained to do thorough cleaning and inspection and are equipped with the proper tools for maintenance.

What material should I consider to achieve a solid and lasting retaining wall?

Your retaining walls can be made of different materials like natural stones, concrete, and bricks, among others. These materials are generally clustered into two types: earthen and reinforced concrete. Earthen-type walls or also known as gravity walls are economizing as they generally implement soil reinforcement from the excavated loose soil. Reinforced concrete walls, on the other hand, are mass concrete construction that is supported by steel rebars. Thus, walls made up of reinforced concrete are stronger and more durable.

What is the range of prices for retaining walls across different types of materials?

Since retaining walls are crucial to protect your homes and properties, these should be made up of quality materials. Compromising the quality of its construction can pose risks and harms. Retaining wall materials are priced from $3 – $40 per square foot. Wall blocks cost between $10 to $15. The precast and concrete range from $20 to $25. In general, a well-built retaining wall can cost thousands of dollars depending on the height and width that you prefer as well as the materials you like to use. 

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